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As Construction Begins, Design Continues

Motorists who have travelled through the northern segment of the I-85 Corridor Improvement Project may have noticed that crews are now moving dirt around the Belmont Road interchange. This work is necessary to completely reconstruct the interchange and widen I-85 in Davidson County. One advantage of design-build projects, such as this one, lies in the efficiency created when the contractor begins construction while the design process is still underway. Spielautomat Book of ra

While earthwork progresses in the Belmont Road interchange area, design work is progressing for I-85 roadway alignments, traffic control plans, retaining walls, and other necessary structures. The design-build process is coordinated so the designs for all these components of the project are submitted and approved by NCDOT in an order that allows construction and design to move forward in tandem.

So, the next time you drive through the project area, know that the construction you see is only a part of the hard work taking place to build the state's number-one mobility project.

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