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Progress Continues on Northern Segment of the I-85 Corridor Improvement Project in Davidson County

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Work crews are making progress towards widening the interstate along the northern segment of the I-85 Corridor Improvement Project. This segment of the project will ultimately widen 3.8 miles of I-85 to eight lanes from just north of the N.C. 150 interchange to just north of I-85 Business in Davidson County. дата выхода killer is dead

In order to perform this critical work with minimal disruption and impact to the existing traffic on the corridor, contractor Balfour Beatty/Austin Bridge & Road, a Joint Venture, is executing a work plan that involves building new outside lanes, then shifting traffic to those lanes, so work can begin on the new inside lanes. When finished, drivers will have access to four seamless lanes in each direction, alleviating the congestion that has long plagued this stretch of interstate.

To date, work crews have nearly completed construction of the outside lanes in the northbound direction, with some additional earthwork and paving needed near I-85 Business. In the southbound direction, crews have graded the outside lanes and paved them with concrete on approximately half the length of the project. The largest portion of the remaining concrete paving is south of the Belmont Road interchange. It is set for completion in the coming weeks. There is some additional earthwork and paving necessary near I-85 Business southbound, as well.

The contractor will soon complete temporary ramps from the Clark Road bridge and the Belmont Road bridge to the I-85 median, which will allow crews to conduct grading and construction on the new inside lanes without crossing the active traffic lanes of I-85. These innovative ramps will help ensure the crews working on the project and the motorists driving by the area remain safe.

The widening work also required the complete reconstruction of the Belmont Road interchange and the removal of the Clark Road bridge as both obstruct the path of the new lanes. The contractor completed the reconstruction of the Belmont Road interchange last summer, and the recently closed Clark Road bridge is scheduled for demolition this spring.

These photos illustrate the significant work completed, thus far.

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