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Work to Widen I-85 in Davidson County Progresses

Work crews have made considerable progress towards widening the interstate along the northern segment of the I-85 Corridor Improvement Project. This portion of the project will ultimately widen 3.8 miles of I-85 to eight lanes (four in each direction) from just north of the N.C. 150 interchange to just north of I-85 Business in Davidson County. Игра adventurer на StopGame.ru

To accomplish this, construction crews must do two things:

  • Build new lanes on the outside of I-85; and
  • Temporarily widen existing portions of the interstate, so they can shift traffic off of the existing lanes.

Construction is now complete on those temporarily widened sections, and crews have started building the pavement structure for the new outside lanes.

Construction of the new lanes involves grading, compacting and stabilizing the underlying dirt, capping the roadway with asphalt and placing concrete on top of the asphalt to complete the lanes. Crews are scheduled to place concrete on the new outside lanes in the coming weeks. Over the summer and fall, crews are expected to finish concrete paving on the outside lanes. Work is set to begin on the inside lanes this fall.

In addition to building the new lanes, widening the roadway required the reconstruction of the Belmont Road interchange, which was completed earlier this spring. The northern segment of the I-85 Corridor Improvement Project is scheduled to be complete in May 2013.

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